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Zebra Stone 001

Zebra Stone 001

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Zebra Stone, as a healing crystal, connects with mother earth for Infinite Energy.

It stimulates energy and gives stamina and endurance.

For healing it is used for muscles, blood, bone disorders, osteoporosis, teeth, gums and the heart.

Zebra Stone is a type of Jasper. This distinctive reddish-brown and white-banded sedimentary rock is from Kununurra, the East Kimberley of Western Australia and also known as ‘zebra rock’ or ‘zebra marble.

Composed essentially of small particles of quartz and ‘sericite’ (fine-grained white mica), zebra rock also contains the minerals kaolinite, dickite and alunite.

Known localities of the zebra rock lie close to the Ord River where the rock forms lenses and seams within the Johnny Cake Shale Member of the Ranford Formation, which formed during the late Precambrian (around 670 million years ago).

Some seams of zebra rock are continuous over many kilometres.The colour banding of zebra rock probably formed by the rhythmic precipitation of iron oxide (hematite) rich bands during the alteration of the rock by percolating fluids (fluids migrating through the rock).

This items weighs 220grams and has been cleansed and saged, ready for its new owner.

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