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Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls

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Guatemalan Hand Made - Mini Worry People in a Textile Bag
6 Mini Worry People in a Textile Bag

According to Guatemalan legend you tell your worries to a worry doll when you go to bed at night. Place the doll under your pillow for a peaceful nights sleep. In the morning the doll has taken your worries away.

Worry dolls are handmade dolls originating from Central America, particularly Mexico and Guatemala. Worry dolls, known as muñecas quitapenas in Spanish, come from the local legend of a Mayan princess who received a worry doll from the sun god to solve any problem she would ever be concerned about.

Traditionally, worry dolls have been given to sad or worrisome children who could use the doll to funnel their concerns away and is used today in modern child psychiatry to help children who feel they need a listener or someone to talk to.

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