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Sensual Stones

Vida Studs Prehnite Studs - Silver

Vida Studs Prehnite Studs - Silver

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Vida studs Prehnite are handcrafted with recycled sterling silver wire and push backs. As stones are each uniquely naturally grown & shaped, stones may vary in colour & shape from those pictured.


The properties of prehnite are extremely beneficial for memory, recollection, and peace, and can be of great use to almost any user. Green prehnite has primarily become associated with memory and divination. One of the things that we know about prehnite’s traditional use in South African religion is that it was used for divinatory purposes, because it was said to bridge the gap between the physical world and the spirit world. For this reason, it is the perfect stone to enhance intuition – you will quickly become conscious of the unspoken energies or vibrations of a situation Prehnite is said to be highly effective in encouraging lucid dreaming, again because it can soften the boundary between the physical and spiritual world.

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