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Mini Smoky Quartz Point

Mini Smoky Quartz Point

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Known for its grounding and anchoring abilities, its power to bring emotional calmness, and alleviating physical pain - Smoky Quartz points can be used to draw off negative energies (pointed away from you) or to energize you (pointed towards you). A strong stone for gaining acceptance of the physical body and give you self empowerment.

Smoky Quartz teaches you to leave behind anything that no longer serves you, lifts depression and relieves fear. Said to promote concentration and improve communication, this stone is great for everyone.

This is a great stone to have in an office space as it absorbs electromagnetic smog phones, computers and TV's radiate. Also said to bring clarity to thoughts, improve intuition and stimulate higher connections in meditative states.

These little points will be chosen intuitively

I suggest regular cleansing or when you feel energy is dull

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