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Rainbow Fluorite Ornaments

Rainbow Fluorite Ornaments

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Fluorite is a highly protective stone that cleanses and stabilizes the aura.

Its a stone known for drawing off negative energies and stresses of all kinds. It has the ability to cleanse, purify, dispel and re-organise anything within the body that doesn't seem to be in order. If your thoughts and ideas are often muddled and unclear, this stone is for you. It brings clarity and order to a chaotic mind.

Emotionally, this stone has an incredible stabilizing effect and its said to help you understand the effect of the mind and emotions on the body.

I recommend reading up on this stone to see if it suits your needs

These ornaments are just so beautiful, unless requested otherwise, one will be chosen intuitively for you.

Cleanse regularly or when you feel energy is dull.

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