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Palo Santo sticks

Palo Santo sticks

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PALO SANTO is mainly used for cleansing.

Similar to Sage and Cedar, Palo Santo is most widely used for spiritual purification and energy (house) cleansings. Once the wood sticks are burned, the smoke is believed to clear negative energy and restore tranquility and calm emotions.

In Spanish, palo santo means “holy wood.” For thousands of years, the wood, resin, and oil have been used for medicinal purposes. It's mainly used to treat pain and stress. It's also said to clear negative energy.

To use: Light the end of the stick and blow it out like incense. Walk around your space and let the smoke cleanse away bad energies. I also like to open the windows/doors to let the negativity escape. When finished smudge it out in a bowl to use again and again.

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