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Maggie M

Maggie M Candles

Maggie M Candles

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Evoke your senses with the Diwali scent of sandalwood, saffron, oud and leather. The word Diwali derives from the Sanskrit word “deepavali”, which means “rows of lighted lamps". The scent is rich and woody reminiscent of a log cabin.

Carnelian deepens the sense of belonging and home, offering warmth and vitality.


Yule originally a pagan festival is certainly the most wonderful time of the year.  Mountainous and mellow scents of black currant, oak, galbanum and bergamot. The refreshing scent will add harmony to any home. 

Jade is believed to have several benefits, including protection, grounding, and enhancing relationships.

Loy Krathong:

Introducing Loy Krathong offering sweet smells of Thailand air with light and refreshing white tea, lemon, basil and a hint of ginger and jasmine.

Citrine assists in luck and prosperity, encouraging joy, wonder and enthusiasm.

St. Lucia:

St. Lucia represents the smells of the Nordic region with scents of crisp and rejuvenating lavender, eucalpytus, tonka and sandalwood.

Sodalite is a stone used to promote self awareness, peace, harmony and compassion.

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