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Kenko Wellness

Kenko Wellness - Paper Incense

Kenko Wellness - Paper Incense

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Specially crafted for those who seek tranquility, mindfulness, and moments of reflection in their daily lives.
We have carefully designed unique scents to evoke a particular emotion and set the mood in a given moment.
Ideal for those who are yoga and meditation enthusiasts or simply looking to infuse their space with a sense of peace. These fragrant sheets are crafted with a journey in mind.

Each tin contains 48 strips of incense paper, each burns for about 5 minutes and the scents stays in the
room for about 3 - 5 hours. Please note that some scents have blank papers for the user to write down their
affirmations and some others have pre-written affirmations and space to write on.


This mellow musky and after-rain scent evokes
the serenity of nature, helping you find your
centre and restore balance to your mind and

Woody scent
Amber & Cedarwood
Wet musk undertones (after rain)
Fresh, woody and floral scent


This woody peach fragrance offers a warm and
soothing vibe, filling your space with feelings of
tenderness and affection.

Woody scent
Peach + Sandalwood + Eucalyptus
Undertone of Neroli and Vanilla
Aromatic-woody scent


This scent reminiscent of honey, moist cake or a
creamy cannoli invites prosperity and sweetness
into your life. Allow the aroma to uplift your
spirits and awaken a sense of gratitude and
abundant mindset.

Sweet scent
Vanilla + Sugar
Star anise and cream undertone
Fresh and sweet scent


Feel invigorated as zesty lime and vibrant
lemongrass harmonise, awakening your
senses and revitalising your space with a
lively and uplifting ambiance.

Herbal scent
Light and sweet
Uplifting - perfect for a morning meditation


Let the soothing blend of woody cedar and
invigorating hinoki transport you to a serene
forest, grounding your senses and promoting
a sense of tranquility and balance.

Woody scent
Balsamic and slightly smoky
Honeyed-sweet tones
Menthol undertone

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