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Chrysocolla Tumbled Stones

Chrysocolla Tumbled Stones

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Chrysocolla is a beautiful form of copper ore. The stunning colour occurs due to oxidisation and although this stone is loved, its chemical compound remains a mystery.

Just as in the science world, the spiritual world is still coming to terms with this relatively new (metaphysical) specimen. Because it hasn't had a huge part in ancient lore, it is important to tune in to yourself when working with this stone and really try to understand your emotions and experiences. Chrysocolla can help with anxiety and depression, and overall emotional balance.

It's also great for battling inflammation and nerve pain, and helps with menstrual cramps, PMS, arthritis, and more.

This stone has been associated with the divine feminine and the ocean and considering its colour, this is no surprise. It is a very harmonious stone and like the seawater, very cleansing. It is very calming, removing negative thoughts and fears.

I recommend reading up on this stone to see if it suits your needs

Cleanse regularly or when you feel energy is dull.


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