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Carnelian Agate Druzy Point - MEDIUM

Carnelian Agate Druzy Point - MEDIUM

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Promoting positive life choices, Carnelian gives you courage and motivation, while energizing, centering and grounding you.

It’s been said that it is great for anyone overcoming any kind of abuse as it has a very warm, safe and supportive energy.

It’s a very stabilizing stone and helps improve concentration. Particularly good at encouraging a love for life.

The rich red colour represents fertility and the sacred power of the woman's womb.

M1- 112G 8.5CM

M6- 94G 7.5CM

M11- 74G 7CM

M2- 96G 9CM

M7- 95G 8.5CM

M12- 90G 7CM

M3- 114G 8.5CM

M8- 84G 7CM

M13- 90G 7.5CM

M4- 106G 9CM

M9- 156G 8CM

M14- 90G 8CM 

M5- 100G 8.5CM

M10- 148G 8CM

M15- 104G 9CM

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