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Black Tourmaline Tower

Black Tourmaline Tower

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Black Tourmaline is a very grounding stone and is believed to increase physical vitality, dispersing tension an stress.

This stone protects against negative energies. and is said to transform dense and amplified energies into a lighter form of energy, heightening their vibration. It is believed to be a useful cleanser because of this transformation and helps cleanse other crystals as well as all of the chakras, allowing for them to open.

Tourmaline can possibly be used to point towards the right answer in times of doubt as it aids in understanding of oneself and others. It is also believed to aid in connecting both hemispheres of the brain and helps overcome dysfunction in this connection.. This stone protects against negative energies.


1. 8.5x2cm 66g

2. 7cm x 1.5cm 47g

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