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Amethyst Raw Form Stones

Amethyst Raw Form Stones

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Amethyst is a stone to still the mind. It has been said to enhance your creative flow, and be a talisman for focus + strength. Keep it around to help you feel less scattered and more in control.

A great stone to have around to help with decision making and bringing with it, common sense. Amethyst is said to balance the highs and lows and promotes emotional centering.

Used in meditation, it deepens your understanding and guides you away from distracting thoughts. One to protect against psychic attack, to help stop negative addictions and curb overindulgence and promotes self love dispelling anxiety and fear.

Perfect travel size

I suggest reading more about this stone to see if it is one for you

These weigh approx. 30gms and one will be intuitively chosen for you

I recommend cleansing regularly or when you feel energy is dull

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