White Quartz Slab (004)
White Quartz Slab (004)
White Quartz Slab (004)

White Quartz Slab (004)

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The dreamiest of plates to hold your treasures. 

You need quartz if you're sad, anxious, fearful, hurt, angry or alone. If you need clarity, rest, balance, grounding, courage, joy, peace or strength. Im telling you, its the stone you need, if you had to choose only ONE stone (in some kind of hell!)

Known as ‘The Master Healer’ quartz has said to have the ability to absorb, store, release and regulate energy. A stone for everyone, quartz focuses on negative energy and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings in its place.

Now imagine it at your bedside or displayed around the house. Supporting your favourite crystals, jewellery, your best treasures...anything you can think of, infusing it with the universal love that rose quartz emits. An absolute keepsake.

I recommend reading up on this stone to see if it suits your needs

This slab weighs 2kgs and is 27x20cms in size

Cleanse regularly or when you feel energy is dull.