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Petrified Wood - 002

Petrified Wood - 002

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As you can imagine, Petrified wood is a very grounding and stabilising stone. Imagine establishing deep roots and being overcome with feelings of stability, security and well-being..thats what petrified wood helps you achieve.

It is an excellent meditation stone and perfect for healers on a spiritual path.

Petrified Wood is a very gentle stone that helps you recognise the importance of patience and strength. 

It is the result of a tree turning into stone through the process of permineralization....something to google but it takes about 100 years to happen and is effectively quartz replacing the organic materials, while maintaining the original structure.

I recommend reading up on this stone to see if it suits your needs

Cleanse regularly or when you feel energy is dull.

***Although care will be taken when packaging, I take no responsibility for damage while being posted***

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