Kindness Cards for Kids

Kindness Cards for Kids

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52 activity cards to teach kids kindness and empathy and build their emotional intelligence.

We are all born with a kind heart, but becoming a kind person doesn't happen overnight. Practicing small acts of kindness every day helps it become a habit. Nuanprang Snitbhan, a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with children, adolescents, and their families, writes that kindness requires four big things- 1) compassion, 2) empathy, 3) courage, and 4) responsibility.

The cards are divided into four color categories, each designed to foster one of the four aspects of kindness through activities that kids ages 6-10 can do on their own or with a small group. Kindness takes time to blossom, just like a tree takes time to grow from a small seed. This deck shares different ways kids can practice being kind to themselves, their family, their community, and to the earth each and every day.

Courage Card #10- Be an Encouraging Echo

If someone has a good idea, be an echo! Make sure to name the person who had the good idea. Say something like, "I like ______'s idea of ________." Maybe "I like Emma's idea of making up a game together." This helps everyone speak up!