Find Your Calm

Find Your Calm

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Find Your Calm is a beautiful and accessible workbook that gives you the tools you need to manage your anxiety.

With wise advice and helpful exercises from psychologist Dr. Jaime Zuckerman, this beautifully designed, interactive workbook will help you find a path toward a calmer, happier daily life. Stress, worry, and anxiety can make it hard to enjoy your days, and these feelings tend to build up over time. This enjoyable workbook is a colorful, friendly guide that's written to be straightforward and easily accessible, with the feel of a guided journal rather than a dry clinical tome. Inside, you'll find a simple toolkit for reducing your anxiety, no matter where it pops up:

- Learn to separate yourself from your anxious thoughts
- Break unhelpful thought patterns
- Practice how to confront and manage your fears
- Find strategies for focusing on the present moment
- Practice techniques to keep anxiety at bay for the long haul

Accompanied by engaging, inspirational illustrations, this workbook offers writing prompts, meditations, tracking exercises, and more-giving a gentle, eye-opening introduction to scientifically proven techniques to reduce anxiety in everyday life. The Wellness Workbooks series from Wellfleet Press offers guidance on a wide range of self-help and mental health topics. Each book presents a thoughtful, evidence-based collection of straightforward exercises in an accessible, enjoyable format that will keep you engaged and inspired. With a distinctive design and full-color illustrations throughout, these workbooks deliver a practical path to personal growth in a beautiful package.