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Carnelian Beaded Bracelet

Carnelian Beaded Bracelet

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  • Meaning: Carnelian crystals are celebrated for their rich, vibrant energy that stimulates courage, motivation, and other positive life choices.
  • Healing Properties: Carnelian is believed to stimulate the metabolism, aid in fertility issues, and enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals while also providing emotional warmth and support.
  • Protection: The crystal is touted as a shield that wards off envy, rage, and resentment, whether it's coming from you or being sent to you, ensuring emotional stability.
  • Usage: Carnelian can be used in various forms like jewelry or simply kept in a space, and it's especially beneficial for those who need to boost their confidence and bring a surge of warmth and joy into their spiritual practice.
  • Care: While the page does not provide specific care instructions for Carnelian, generally, it can be cleansed and recharged by placing it under running water and then allowing it to soak up the sun’s rays or moonlight.

6mm beads on elastic

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