Stones - What they mean to me

Stones - What they mean to me

Stones have special meanings for each individual, and for me, in the beginning I was drawn to their beauty and the way they made me feel, and then I began to learn of the healing properties and the natural vibrations these ancient wonders emit. Now I turn to crystals and stones nearly every day to help provide guidance and support in all aspects of my life. When feeling pain (emotionally or physically); to aid grief, anxiety, or sadness; to encourage confidence, empowerment, self love or creativity; to aid sleep, mental and physical energy and patience; to support my internal organs, immune and digestive systems, and general health; and to guide me in meditation, internal struggles and throughout my metaphysical journey.

For me, crystals have become a form of expression. I carry them with me always; in the car, my purse and my pockets. I love gifting them to people and that is exactly where this project began. They have captured me and I hope they capture you.

Certain types of crystals can direct specific energy towards specific ailments, so look for one that is right for you and your needs. Crystal energy will find its way to the area to which it is intended, so just surrounding yourself with these powerful stones is often enough and it is not essential to have to piece on your body. 


You and the piece you choose were meant to find each other, enjoy your journey together.


**DISCLAIMER: We believe in the metaphysical properties and abilities of crystals to aid us in living more enriched, holistic lives. However, crystal healing is not acknowledged as medical treatment. Stone and String’s crystals are a wellness product and are not intended to treat, cure or prevent illnesses or conditions.

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